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Type of leads

Understand the types of leads we distribute to our pros.


Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Condo, Mobile Homes and Apartments.


Restaurants, Office Spaces, Retail Stores, Hospitals, Educational Institutes etc..

Same-Day Service

Submit a request that needs quick attention and/ or same-day service response.

Profile Leads

Leads submitted by a customer through your business profile.

Direct Leads & Scheduling

These leads are provided to one provider only based on availability, services and initial service or inspection prices.

Basic Profile

When you create a profile you are shown in your residing county and can receive profile submissions for Apartment's and Single Family Homes under 2000sqft.

Shown & Active in 1 County


Expand your coverage area and options by taking on additional types of leads.

Shown & Active in 3 Counties

Elite Pro

Provides you with live, quality leads, taken by live agents from customers who are actively looking for services in your area.

Shown & Active in 6 Counties

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