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Live Network

Real customer service matching, up to 5 service quotes.

A few examples...

24/ 7 Live Support

We provide a live agent to connect customers in real time.

Personalized Matches

We match every customer to pros who can service their specific needs.

Respect Customers Information

Information that the customer provides is only shared within our network and it's providers.

No more calling down a list

With one call or submission, we'll bring pros to you.

Free service with no obligations

Our service a free to use with no obligations.

Automated Marketplaces

Privacy Concerns, Solicitation, Unreliable Information and more.

A few examples...

Limited Expertise and No Support

Many marketplaces lack the expertise to recommend professionals; they're just search directories.

Category Matching

Your information is sent to professionals based on category only. No personalization or service matching.

Privacy Concerns

Your information may be sent to multiple platforms and/ or companies in the requested category.

Unreliable Performance

Automated directories may not facilitate direct communication between the customer and service providers.

See what our customers say about us.

Curtis & Michelle W.
Beekman, NY- Residential
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"We had a squirrel in our living room wall and called around to have it removed. After leaving messages and getting insane prices just remove it, we came across AurketPro from a neighbor. They gave us with a reasonable price and had a wildlife company to my house the same day. Very happy we called and will absolutely use them again".
Mohammed K.
Saugerties, NY- Business
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"Good customer service. Sent a good bug company and good price for our gas station. Thank you".
Micheal S.
Poughkeepsie, NY- Residential
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"Started seeing paint peeling and dark spots on a basement wall. I used AurketPro in the past so called to see if I can get a inspection and Sam dispatched a plumbing company to my house. Richie was very knowledgeable and located a punctured pipe that was caused from a trimming install. Called AurketPro again for a contractor to fix my wall. This is truly a much needed service".
Maureen L.
New Paltz, NY- Business
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"We were having some issues with our kitchen lighting in our restaurant. Called and had an electrician out who was very reasonable and he installed new panels the next day. This was a pleasant and much needed service. Will absolutely use again."
Laura B.
Cold Spring, NY- Residential
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"This is the 4th time I've used this service. Our Thermostat stopped working on the main floor and it was out of warranty. We scheduled to have a technician take a look and ended up upgrading to a newer thermostat. The electrician was very friendly walked us through the installation and how to use it with our phones. I really like AurketPro and their agents are friendly as well".

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AURKETPRO RESPECTS YOUR PRIVACY. The information exchanged within our network remains confined to our network and its associated providers; it is not disseminated on external platforms. Please see our terms and conditions for further details. NO MARKETING CALLS, NO SPAM CALLS. JUST REAL LICENSED PROFESSIONALS. 

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