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Our platforms give you direct access to customers who contact you from your profile. So, you'll never have to worry about losing out on potential customers due to competition.

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Lawn Care


Pest Control



Tree & Arbor Care


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Our Live Network

We take pride in building a strong rapport with our customers, which leads to increased customer engagement and satisfaction. By being available and taking the time to understand each customer's unique situation, we're able to gather the necessary information to ensure that our service providers are fully prepared for every lead they receive.

Live Answering Service

We offer 24-7 live answering services for customers in need of services. All of our leads are validated and confirmed to ensure that you have access to only the best prospects matches. We also offer live support from our dedicated agents who can provide additional assistance for any leads provided.

With AurketPro, you’ll be ready for your next client no matter the time of day or night.

Leads you can count on

When it comes to customer support, we don’t mess around at our live Network. We know that every customer has their own set of unique circumstances, and we’re fully committed to providing the necessary assistance, no matter how urgent the situation. Whether they’re simply browsing for services or require emergency services, our highly trained team of agents is standing by, ready to offer expert support and match customers with available local top providers – like you.

Live Leads


What are live leads?

Live leads are leads taken and provided to you by a live agent. These leads are verified and provide vital information such as contact details, service issues, property information, related construction, agent notes and more.


Single/ Multi-Family, Mobile, Apartments, Townhomes, etc...


Offices, Medical Facilities, Retail Stores, Warehouses, Restaurants, Schools, etc...

Same Day Service

Request that is in need of quick or urgent service responses.

Direct Leads

Leads are submitted directly from a live agent to you and you only.

Unlimited opportunities with a variety of leads to choose from.

Customized information specific to your industry and are unmatched in quality and lead delivery.

Community Partnership

Keeping your business in the community.

At our core, we believe that keeping business in our communities is paramount. It’s our top priority because it not only helps our business thrive but also allows us to build deeper connections with the community we serve.

Property Managements

We assist diverse management and development companies handling apartments, single-family homes, and more.

Retail Providers

We partner with a wide variety of retail stores, both food and non-food, such as restaurants, clothing stores, and more.

Hospitality Services

Our services are extended to a wide variety of hotels, lodges, parks, recreational facilities, and event venues.

Commercial Offices

We partner with a variety of commercial and private offices to promptly address and maintain issue-free spaces.

By keeping business local, we're able to invest in our community and help it grow. It enables us to provide more jobs, support other local businesses, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. We take great pride in being an active member of our community and are committed to doing our part to ensure its success.

Begin with a robust network that empowers service companies of all scales to amplify their growth and expansion.

The First live network from home & Business Services.

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