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You can call or submit a request

Tell us about your specific service issue.

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Get direct pricing or various quotes

Get prices or speak directly with available pros.

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Getting Rid of Ticks

Suggested professional services can vary based on multiple factors, including the severity of the issue, property type and size, the length of the issue, and more. Below are common services that may be used for this pest issue.

Barrier Treatments

Barrier treatments involve applications to tall shaded areas, structures, or other areas where ticks rest during the day. These treatments create a barrier that repels or kills ticks on contact.

Tick Control Treatments

Professional pest control companies can apply insecticides specifically designed to target ticks. These treatments may be applied to vegetation, leaf litter, and other areas where ticks are likely to hide.

Habitat Modification

This involves modifying your yard to make it less hospitable to ticks. Professional pest control services may recommend measures such as clearing leaf litter, trimming tall grass and shrubs, and creating a buffer zone between wooded areas and your lawn.

Tick Tubes

Tick tubes are small cardboard tubes filled with treated cotton balls that attract mice, which are carriers of ticks. When mice take the treated cotton back to their nests, it kills the ticks on the mice and prevents them from reproducing. Professional pest control services can strategically place tick tubes around your property to help reduce tick populations.

Normally starts in April and can be done through October

Pest Prevention Tips

Discover tips that can assist in diminishing or averting recurring pest problems in your home or business.

Take Note: Skipping professional help for pest problems can lead to possible persistent issues. DIY methods might not fully solve the problem, costing you more in the long run and potentially harming the environment. Plus, it could take up a lot of your time and effort without guaranteed success. Need a service? Give us a call (845) 315-4336

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