AurketPro™ First Live Service Connect

The information exchanged within our network remains confined to our network and its associated providers; it is not disseminated on external platforms.

AurketPro™ First Live Service Connect

The information exchanged within our network remains confined to our network and its associated providers; it is not disseminated on external platforms.


4.7/ 5 Review Ratings

Personalized matches tailored to your home service needs.

100% Free To Use- No Obligations
Curtis & Michelle W.
Beekman, NY
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"We had a squirrel in our living room wall and called around to have it removed. After leaving messages and getting insane prices just to trap, we came across AurketPro from a neighbor. We called and spoke to an agent who gave us with a reasonable price. She had the wildlife company to my house the same day. Very happy we called and will absolutely use them again".
Micheal S.
Poughkeepsie, NY
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"Started seeing paint peeling and dark spots on a basement wall. I used AurketPro in the past so called to see if I can get a inspection and Sam dispatched a plumbing company to my house. Richie was very knowledgeable and located a punctured pipe that was caused from a trimming install. Called AurketPro again for a contractor to fix my wall. This is truly a much needed service".
Laura B.
East Fishkill, NY
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"This is the 4th time I've used this service. Our Thermostat stopped working on the main floor and it was out of warranty. We scheduled to have a technician take a look and ended up upgrading to a newer thermostat. The electrician was very friendly walked us through the installation and how to use it with our phones. I really like AurketPro and their agents are friendly as well".

Creating strong connections with professionals is essential for property owners. Access to reliable Home Services Professionals is crucial for addressing unexpected issues such as electrical problems, plumbing emergencies, wildlife encounters, and more. In these critical situations, having a dependable service provider who is readily available and possesses the necessary expertise becomes paramount. Building robust relationships with such professionals guarantees that your needs are promptly and effectively met, particularly during unforeseen circumstances. Rest assured that by establishing these connections, you can navigate any property-related challenges with confidence and peace of mind.

Absolutely not! Our live support is completely free to use, and we will never charge you for connecting you with providers that match your service needs. We’re committed to providing a seamless and stress-free experience for our users. 

We understand that pricing is an important consideration when it comes to inspections or services. In many cases, we can provide pricing based on the service issue and urgency. However, there are instances where a professional would need to provide a customized price based on the specific service issue. Rest assured that we’ll work with you to find the best solution or pricing for your needs.

Rest assured that we do not charge for live matching after hours. However, please note that some providers may charge an emergency fee for services provided outside of regular business hours in certain situations. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs, while being transparent about any potential fees or charges.

When you schedule with us directly, you’ll receive an email with a comprehensive report of your provider, along with any relevant information you’ve provided us regarding your service issue. We believe in keeping our users informed every step of the way, and this report is just one way we ensure transparency and accountability throughout the process. 

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Are you tired of calling companies only to get an answering machine or the runaround? At AurketPro we connect you with available providers for your specific service needs, quickly and easily. Our live agents are here to identify and connect you with a provider when you need it the most. It's 100% Free and no obligations.

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